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We began our business in 1985 as an aquarium situated in Kuirau Park, Rotorua under the ownership of Harold & Jo Drummond. At that time our business was called Wonderworld Aquarium. We leased the building from the Rotorua District Council and subject to that lease we were required to set aside a portion of our business for tourism. So there we were for the next 11 years a Public Aquarium with large display tanks of different species of Tropical freshwater fish, tropical marines, fancy coldwater fish , seahorses ,turtles, crayfish, snapper etc and a retail section with every variety of aquarium fish we could get from our suppliers. This type of public Aquarium / Retail facility was unique as it was the only one of its kind in N.Z at that time and as an added bonus we were able to take advantage of the thermal heating already in the building to keep most of the tanks at the required heat and save on electricity.Our retail section was up and going and always busy and we thoroughly enjoyed this part of our business as we got to chat with the customers and made many friends over the years.

In 1996 we sought a change in direction, away from tourism. So we moved premises to 19 Fairysprings Road, Rotorua. With the addition of pets to our business it was a wonderful challenge and we absolutely adored this side of the business as much as we do the aquarium side. We renamed our business Wonderworld Aquarium & Pet Centre. In 2001 we moved premises again to 82 Clayton Road, Rotorua.

Then in 2004 eighteen years after starting this business Harold and Jo Drummond sold their business to their son Ardie Drummond whom they had employed all those 18 years ago. He had visions of how and what he wanted to do and changes happened immediately after he took over the business. Today the business has expanded with another building added to house our forever growing aquarium section making ours one of the largest in N.Z.  

Today the business consists of two buildings the first of which caters for Cats, Dogs and Small Animals.

From cat scratchers to dog toys you will find it here, including premium and frozen cat and dog food and all manner of things for your small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits.

The second building contains the fish tanks for Goldfish, Tropical Fresh and Marine Fish, and Corals. As well as accessories, food, Fish tanks and stands.

There is also a wide assortment of bird food, accessories and cages.

With forty five sales tanks for tropical fresh water and eighteen Goldfish and Cold Water sales tanks, Wonderworld Aquarium & Pet Centre is well equipped to meet your fresh water aquatic needs.

Since the days of Kuirau Park Wonderworld Aquarium & Pet Centre has been a leader in the Tropical Marine aquarium trade. Now with thirty three retail tanks for tropical marine fish, coral and other invertebrates this is set to continue.