Marine Fish & Corals

Tropical Marine Fish & Coral

Wonderworld Aquarium & Pet Centre carries a large selection for Tropical Marine Fish, Corals, and other Marine Invertebrates.

Marine List 11.2.18


Bi colour Angels $149.00

Coral Beauty  145.00

Flame Angels $199.00sp

Koran Angel (Juv)  $229.50 

Lemon Peel  Angel  $149.00

Bicolour Blenny $108.70

Canary Blenny $110.00

Copperband Butterfly $157.00

Long Nose Butterfly $165.00 

Kleinii Butterfly $139.00

Sunset Butterfly $155.00

Bangii Cardinals  Tank bred $85.00 

Blue Striped Clown  $108.70 

Fire Clown  $84.60

Marroon Clown $116.00

Percula Clowns  tank breed $85.00

Tomato Clown $89.00  

Skunk Clown $101.50

Blue Damsel  $42.30

Royal Dottyback $132.90

Bicolor Foxface $189.00 

Yellow Goat fish $145.00

Golden Coral Goby $99.00

Sharpnose Puffer $130.00

Linkia Starfish Blue $94.20 true blue

Blue Tang Medium  $220.00

Brown Tang $139.90

White Cheek Tang $205.30

Yellow Pyroferus Tang $185.00

Humu Humu Trigger $139.00 lge

Five Stripe Wrasse $84

Rainbow Wrasse $135.00 


Assorted Large Soft Corals$132.90

Flowerpot Goniopora $181.20

Fungia Mushroom Coral Pink $120.80

Green Anemone Colony On Rock $205.30

Green Yuma Mushrooms $132.90

Polps Large $108.70

Toadstool Coral Large $108.70

Tubeworms $67.70

Zooanthus  $108.70

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