Marine Fish & Corals

Tropical Marine Fish & Coral

Wonderworld Aquarium & Pet Centre carries a large selection for Tropical Marine Fish, Corals, and other Marine Invertebrates.

Marine List 17.04.17 

Bi colour Angels $149.00

 Coral Beauty $149.00

Koran Angel Juv. $199.00

Flame Angels $199.00sp

Lemon Peel  Angel  $149.00

Canary Blenny $110.90

Black Gold Chromis $44.70

Blue Chromis $49.00

Black Damsel $42.30

Blue Damsel  $42.30

Black Clarki Clown  $110.00

Blue Striped Clown  $108.70

Clarki Clown  $110.00

Fire Clown  $84.60

Gold Stripe Clown $169.00

Skunk Clown $101.50

Coral Goby $96.00

Sleeper Goby $132.90

Falco  Hawkfish  $135.00

Coral Hogfish $138.00

Sharpnose Puffer $125.00

Linkia Starfish Blue $94.20

Blue Tang Medium  $220.00

Brown Tang $140.00

Gold Rim Tang $210.00

Lipstick Tang $210.00

Sailfin Tang $170.00

White Cheek Tang Large  $230.00

Yellow Pyroferus Tang $185.00

Humu Humu Trigger $139.00

Niger Trigger $135.00

Birdnose Wrasse $132.00

Coris Wrasse Adult  $135 00

Five StripeWrasse $84.60

Leopard Wrasse Male  $84.60

Moon Wrasse $84.60

Ornate Wrasse $110.00

Yellow wrasse $110.00


Bubble Anemone Small $95.00

Carpet Anemone Large $150.00sp 

Bubble Coral 8-10cm  $175.00

Flower pot coral $189.00

Frog Spawn $199.00

Hammer coral $193.20

Mushroom on Rock Large $108.70

Polps Large $108.70

Assorted Large Soft Corals$132.90

Toadstool Coral Large $108.70

Torch Coral Large $199.00

Zooanthus  $108.70

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