Marine Fish & Corals

Tropical Marine Fish & Coral

Wonderworld Aquarium & Pet Centre carries a large selection for Tropical Marine Fish, Corals, and other Marine Invertebrates.

Marine List 18.9.18


Arabion Angel $350.00

Bicolor Angel $ 150.00 sp

Lemon peel angel $159.00

Koran Angel $220.00 Juvenile

Coral Beauty  150.00 sp

Anemone Clown $94.20

Black Purk Clowns $95.00 sp

Shunk Clown $89.00 sp

Fire Clown  $84.60

Marroon Clown $116.00

Percula Clowns  (tank bred) $85.00

Tomato Clown $89.00  

Blue Damsel  $50.00

Blue Linckia Starfish $94.20

Royal Dottyback $132.90

Fox face Lge $160.00 sp

Goat Fish $149.00

Rainford Goby $115.00

Rabbit Fish $160.00 sp

Blue Tang Medium  $220.00

Sailfin tang lge $220.00 sp

Adult Coris Wrasse $160.00 sp

Checker board Wrasse $160.00 sp

Coral Goby $115.00

Jewelled Rock skipper $149.00

Golden Head sleeper Goby $159.00

Lyretail Coralfish $129.00

Yellow Pyroferus Tang $185.00

Humu Humu Trigger $139.00 lge

Sharp Nose Puffer $130.00

Lipstick Tang $220.00

White Cheek Tang $239.00


We have lots of Show sized Corals $200 to $250.00

Finger Leather $118.40

Green Anemone Colony On Rock $205.30

Green Yuma Mushrooms $132.90

Show sized Hammer corals $200.00

Med Hammers $150.00

Small Hammers $80.00

Lobophytum Leather $132.90

Polps Large $108.70

Star Polyps - Jewel $165.00

Star Polyps - Green $148.00

Zooanthus  $108.70

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