Cold Water Fish

Gold Fish and other Cold Water Species

Wonderworld Aquarium & Pet Centre carries a large selection for Goldfish and other cold water species.

We can ship fish and if would like to order you can Ring us or Email thanks

Bronze comets $4.50 4cm

Red comets $5.80 4cm

Red comets $9.50 7cm

Red comets $40.00 12cm

Ex large red comets $50.00 15cm

Shubukins $9.00 6cm

Black moors $14.00 6cm

Blue fans $12.00 6cm

Blue moors $14.00 6cm

Red fans $12.00 4cm

Small lemon fans $4cm

Red and white fans $14.00 4cm

Large assorted fans $45.00 to $75.00

Large orandas $45.00 to $150.00

White clouds $4.30

Golden white clouds $7.30

Calico fans $12.00 6cm

Large axolotyl black $25.00 Large white $25.00 Large gold $35.00 

Blue snail $9.60

Gold apple snail $5.80

Brown snails $5.70  

If you would like to purchase fish from us then we suggest you contact us via Phone, email or this web site for up-to date information on what we have in stock.

Or better yet come and visit us and see the fish first hand.

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