Electric heating pad especially made for your pet: * Size 530 x 330 mm * Gentle heating for your pet * Great for pets that feel the cold * Ideal for elderly or unwell pets * Single heat setting * Heavy duty plastic Place the heating pad under your pets usual blanket and regulate the heat by the number of blankets you put on top of the heating pad.

 The Argus heat pads produce a Gentle heat unlike human electric blankets, and are not thermostatically controlled.

When first plugged in you will not immediately feel any heat, but when setup correctly you will be able to feel the gentle warmth generated from the pad

The pad is designed to work with or without a Thin material cover over the top of the pad

To change the temperature:

Pad too Cold- Add additional Blankets underneath the pad

Pad too Hot- Remove Blankets from underneath the pad


Wipes clean with damp cloth. Made in New Zealand.

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Argus Pet Pad Electric Blanket

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