• Aqua One AR980 AquaStyle Tank & Cabinet (gloss Black) 215L
The Aqua One AquaStyle 980 aquarium models cater for the intermediate to advanced fish keeper, wishing to upgrade to a slightly larger aquarium. As a more advanced fish keeper, you have more options in which fish you feel most confident in keeping, and may also prefer exuberant fish species that require more space or specialist care. This generally will require the need for a bigger aquarium to accommodate for these types of species. Aqua One AquaStyle aquariums are especially useful for this purpose, with suitable technology for the more advanced fish keeper within the top filter unit and hood. Each aquarium set offers seamless viewing without distortion, impeccable lighting systems that allow you more control over the way you light your aquarium and a stylish aquarium stand. Features & Benefits: •The AquaStyle 980 aquariums come complete with a fluorescent lighting system designed to enable you to control the way you light your tank. Multiple switch technology allows your fish to adjust to light changes over time. This lighting system is designed specifically to create the perfect balance of light to your aqua scape and promote lush plant growth as well as intensify the natural colours in your fish. •The AquaStyle 980 come complete with filter materials for a 3 stage filter process. The 980 comes with 2 carbon cartridges fitted with filter wool to filter out the finer, solid particles, 2 sponge pads to complete the mechanical filtration process of the wet and dry filter, and ceramic noodles for biological filtration. This set up is the same for the 980 model, however included is an extra set of carbon cartridges, sponge pads and ceramic noodles. •The 980 cabinets offer strength without compromising style. Designed to complement existing furniture in the home, this two door design also provides space for storing all your aquarium technical equipment out of sight.

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Aqua One AR980 AquaStyle Tank & Cabinet (gloss Black) 215L

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